Sunday, October 11, 2009

Umi Sake: Not So Good

Umi Sake wasn't quite the sushi dining experience that I would enjoy. My party was seated right next to the bar and had to endure many loud chats from other guests throughout the meal. There were many open tables in a quieter, isolated room but management wasn't smart enough to fill that room up first for guests coming in for dinner. I think I got a headache before we even ordered.

My dinner party ordered quite a few items from the wide variety of food on the menu. This Asian Fusion restaurant is a bad attempt to accommodate Chinese, Korean, Japanese flavors to satisfy the everyday American. We ordered the appetizers Tuna Pizza (pictured above) and Korean Seafood Pancake (pictured below). The Tuna Pizza is a flour tortilla with a layer of tuna sashimi topped with fried crumbs and finely diced tomatoes. It was surprisingly decent despite its hideous look. The Korean Seafood Pancake is nothing like a Korean seafood pancake. It looks bad and tastes bad.

We ordered four different types of sushi rolls: Rainbow Roll and Dragon Roll (pictured above), and  Tour of Fusion roll and Soft-shell Crab Roll (pictured below). The rolls are pretty good. I especially like the use of the wasabi mayonnaise on the Tour of Fusion roll. The fish used is nice and fresh, which is expected and appreciated at any sushi restaurant.

We also had an order of Shrimp Tempura, a Japanese favorite featuring fried shrimp. I found a strange sweet taste to the fry batter. The shrimp used didn't have a good consistency and I was left disappointed for this dish. At the end of the night, everyone in the dinner party was very thirsty. We figured it had something to do with the large amount of MSG the restaurant put into the food, which is a huge turn-off. Despite the good sushi, I probably won't come back to this restaurant again. Umi Sake on Urbanspoon

Umi Sake
9726 York Road
Cockeysville, MD 20130

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Anonymous said...

The pictures look good, but I wouldn't try their seafood pancake again, perhaps MSG was added to food as well.