Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thai Orient: Still Great

It has been years since I've been to Thai Orient in the Valley Centre Shopping Center in Owings Mills. And today, I visited the restaurant and found that not much has changed. I also enjoyed a delightful lunch there. My guest and I ordered two entrees. Each entree came with either an egg roll or soup. Knowing that Thai Orient made some delicious chicken corn soup, I had to order one of those today while also getting an egg roll.

The chicken corn soup was exactly the same as I remember it: totally delicious! I am dead serious about this. I've had chicken corn soup from many Chinese restaurants before and Thai Orient's chicken corn soup is absolutely the best out there. Moving on to the entrees... we had an order of Pad Thai and an order of Scallop Pad Ped.

The Pad Thai is sweet and savory and the crushed peanut gives it a delightful texture. The meat used in this dish, chicken and shrimp, can be done a little better. But overall, I enjoyed this Pad Thai very much.

Next is the Scallop Pad Ped, a scallop dish with mixed vegetables in a Thai curry sauce. The scallops used here are very nice and fresh and have a very good texture, which is hard to say for every Asian restaurant. I think the sauce was done very well here. The spice in the sauce was good, especially when you pair it with steamed rice.

This was a very good experience for me, returning to Thai Orient for the first time in years. The service is great. The restaurant looks nice. The food tastes good. And the price is decent, under $10 per entree. It's good to see how this place hasn't changed much and stayed true to its ways, especially when it produces delicious Thai food. Thai Orient on Urbanspoon

Thai Orient
9616 Reisterstown Rd
Owings Mills, MD 21117


Fly Jimmy said...

We visited the Thai Orient with an English relative. The summer rolls were excellent, the Pad Thai was great and the waiter was top-class, friendly and willing.

Huge thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the first employees at the Thai Orient back in August 23, 1995. Not much has changed at all and there is a reason for that. The food and atmosphere is superb. If you try the hot and sour soup, it's the same way it was 16 years ago; THE BEST. So, being said that, if it is the best, then why change it. Also, it is rare that the service is lacking. All staff treats the guest the same way they would want to be treated.