Monday, May 31, 2010

Yuraku Japanese Restaurant

Yuraku Japanese Restaurant, located in Germantown on Frederick Road, is well deserving of an hour drive from my home. There is usually a long line/wait for dinner in this little, cozy place. It is better to make reservations early. Going there in a party of 6, we ordered the combination of sushi and sashimi, priced at $120, the biggest boat on the menu. In return, this Japanese restaurant isn't cheap with their food. Each guest receives a serving of steamed egg, miso soup, and Japanese ginger salad while all gets to share a seared salmon head. The salmon head might look gross but it is absolutely delicious.
These appetizers are a great start to a very nice meal. It's a good set up for the giant sushi boat.
There are 6 special rolls of sushi and more sashimi than you can eat. I especially enjoyed the favor and texture of the white tuna and salmon. Overall, everything was well put together and surprised me with quantity and quality. Yuraku Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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