Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hunan Taste's Lunch Special

Hunan Taste at Catonsville, Maryland on North Rolling Road offers a lunch special where you can order a combination of three dishes from a long list of food to go along with your choice of soup for only $24.95. This is a very affordable meal for a party of four. My family and I went to Hunan Taste just for this deal and we were amazed on the taste quality that this place delivers.

For starter, we got the Corn Soup. We really wanted the Clam Soup but it was unavailable at the time. The soup was a little mild in flavors but we enjoyed the simple, clear taste of it. For our three dishes, we choose Sliced Fish with Spicy Bean Sauce, Sliced Beef with Sa-Cha Sauce, and Pork Stomach with Celery. The fish dish has a very good spicy sauce but what really turns this dish off is that the fish has bones in them. You have to be careful when you eat this.

The Sliced Beef with Sa-Cha Sauce is an out-of-the-park homerun dish. The Sa-Cha sauce is paired very well with beef and vegetables in this dish.

And finally, the Pork Stomach with Celery was just okay, nothing special but not bad. We would definitely come back and try other dishes from the lunch special. There are 36 dishes and 7 soups to choose from. Imagine the possibility of combinations. Hunan Taste on Urbanspoon

Hunan Taste
718 N. Rolling Rd
Catonsville, Md 21228

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